Black Screen - Celebrating NAIDOC Week

The Basement Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Arts Centre Gold Coast is proud to present a selection of films from the National Film and Sound Archive as part of NAIDOC Week 2014

The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia is the nation’s living archive, collecting, preserving and sharing our rich audiovisual heritage.

As part of NAIDOC week 2014, The Arts Centre has secured a suite of short and feature length Indigenous films through the Black Screen program which is part of the National Film and Sound Archive. Black Screen provides free on-loan access to a collection of Indigenous films for the purpose of community screening events and festivals throughout the year. 

The screenings curated for The Arts Centre's presentation on Saturday 12 July includes:

  • Shit Skin (2002, PG)
  • Flat (2002, M)
  • Black Talk (M)
  • Turn Around (2002, M)
  • Mimi (2002, M)
  • Footprints in the Sand (2006, G)
  • Dark Science (2007, Classification TBC)
  • Flour, Sugar and Tea (2007, PG)
  • Mabo (2012, PG)
  • Croker Island Exodus (2012, G)

Film rating, running time and synopsis

The schedule for Saturday 12 July is as follows:

SCREENING ONE (commences 12.00pm)
Shit Skin (2002, PG) - 13mins
Flat (2002, M) 13mins
Black Talk (M) 12mins
Turn Around (2002, M) - 13mins
Mimi (2002, M) - 14mins
Total screening time 65 mins

INTERVAL - 25mins

SCREENING TWO (commences 1.30pm)
Footprints in the Sand (2006, G) - 25mins
Flour, Sugar and Tea (2007, PG) - 26mins
Total screening time 51 mins

INTERVAL - 9 mins

SCREENING THREE (commences 2.30pm)
Dark Science (2007, Classification TBC)
Total screening time 52 mins

INTERVAL - 8 mins

SCREENING FOUR (commences 3.30pm)
Mabo (2012, PG)
Total screening time 103 mins

INTERVAL - 12 mins

SCREENING FIVE (commences 5.15pm)
Croker Island Exodus (2012, G)
Total screening time 57 mins

Patrons are invited to view a group of films, all of them, or one of the feature films.

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