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William Robinson: The Rainforest 1990
Perhaps the most prominent acquisition, in terms of public debate, price, and sheer scale, was the purchase of The Rainforestby William Robinson in 1990. When this painting won the Wynne Prize for Landscape in 1990, the then Gallery Director, Fran Cummings, was inspired to purchase this work for the collection. The ensuing public battle over the acquisition of this work, parallels, on a regional scale, the public controversy of the Whitlam government’s decision to purchase Jackson Pollack’s Blue Poles in 1972. The considerable funds raised to buy the painting are now justified by its current monetary value, but, more importantly, this purchase firmly placed Gold Coast City Gallery’s collection as a major collection of contemporary Australian art and one of the finest in regional Queensland.
For further information, please view the article A History of the Gold Coast City Gallery's Collection.

Australian Art

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Gold Coast Collection

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